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Let’s Talk About Pussy


Georgia O'Keefe

Artwork by Georgia O’Keefe


July 10, 2010


Let’s talk about pussy. Yes, really.  Recently, I’ve been in the presence of men who have used the word pussy to signify weakness –  “Man up, you pussy!”  or  “What a pussy!” in reference to another man who had disappointed him in one fashion or another.


Usage of the word pussy this way baffles me. The pussy I know is the strongest force on earth – men will do nearly anything for it. Pussy topples world leaders,  befalls governments,  launches 1,000 ships (come on, do we really think it was Helen’s face?), drives men wild, and births their offspring. Tell me, how this is weakness?


Note to men:  if you expect to enjoy pussy, you need to  respect pussy.  Or choose another word – jackass, perhaps?