So how’d I get such a great life?

I don’t know really, I think it started by being grateful for it, saying “yes” to a lot of people, saying “no” to time-wasters, and being careful to learn the difference.

…what else?

I’m willing to work hard.  Really hard.  I fight for the underdog. I’m charitable – but I can’t stand laziness or greed. I love the passion of soccer, crazy Italians, and my family.  I cry at movies (okay, I’ll admit it – even commercials), and my lasagna is better than yours.  Sometimes I need help remembering to slow down, but once I do, I’m really good at it.

…and later?

There can never be too many fresh flowers.  Coffee smells wonderful, and I love brilliant ideas.  I’ve written a pay-it-forward business plan – I’m working to bring it to fruition.